Waiver Cost Schedule

Effective September 1, 2019

The waiver bureau has been established to allow you to pay a ticket in lieu of appearing in court. Not all charges are payable without a court appearance. If your citation is waiverable and you choose to “waive” your right to appear before a Judge, you will need to pay the waiverable amount, in full, before your court date. A list of the most commonly cited waiverable violations are listed below.

Failure to appear or pay the full amount owed by the court date listed on your citation may subject you to arrest and/or License Forfeiture.

You may pay the stated amount in the following manner:

  1. By Phone: (937) 293-3058
  2. Online: https://court.oakwood.oh.us
  3. By Mail with a check or money order made payable to City of Oakwood.
    Mail to: Oakwood Municipal Court, 30 Park Ave, Oakwood, OH 45419
  4. In person at the Clerk of Court’s office.

Proof of Insurance
If proof of insurance is not shown to either the officer or the Court, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be notified and your Driving Privileges/Operator’s license will be suspended. You MUST provide proof of insurance at the time of your payment. The vehicle MUST have been covered by insurance on the date of the ticket.

1 - 10 Miles Over $140.00
11 - 15 Miles Over $160.00
16 - 20 Miles Over $170.00
Speeding - School Zone
1 - 15 Miles Over $165.00
16 and Over MUST APPEAR
*2nd Speed or Moving Violation in 12 Months, Add $20
*3rd Speed or Moving Violation in 12 Months, You MUST APPEAR
Seat Belt Violations
Driver $150.00
Passenger $140.00
Child Restraint Violation
1st Violation $150.00
Criminal Minor Misdemeanor Violations
Fail to License Dog $145.00
Dog at Large/Fail to Confine $145.00
Barking Dog $160.00
Disorderly Conduct (MM) $170.00
Unreasonable Noise (MM) $150.00
Traffic Violations
Expired Plates/Registration $140.00
Display Plates $140.00
Obstructed Plates/Sticker $140.00
Tinted Window $140.00
Tail Light/Plate Light $135.00
Stop Sign/Red Light $160.00
w/Accident MUST APPEAR
Prohibited Turn/U-Turn $160.00
w/Accident MUST APPEAR
Marked Lanes/Lanes of Travel $160.00
w/Accident MUST APPEAR
Prohibited/Improper Passing $140.00
w/Accident MUST APPEAR
Following Too Close $140.00
Headlights Required/High Beams $135.00
Turn Signal Required $135.00
Obstruct Intersection/Crosswalk $140.00
Squealing Tires/Muffler Noise $135.00
Failure to Yield/ACDA $160.00
w/Accident MUST APPEAR
Other Filing Fees
Sealing of Record $50.00
Driving Privileges Filing Fees & Costs

You must pay your fines and fees in full before your scheduled court date listed on the citation or appear in court. Failure to pay or appear may result in additional fees.

Violations That Require A Court Appearance

  • Any Felony or Indictable Offense
  • Speed 16 MPH over limit in a School Zone
  • Speed 21 MPH over limit in all other Zones
  • Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs of Abuse
  • Reckless Operation
  • All Accidents
  • Leaving Scene of Accident
  • Driving While Under Suspension
  • Expired/No Operator’s License
  • Failure to Produce Operator’s License
  • Fleeing & Eluding Police Officer
  • Failure to Yield Public Safety Vehicle
  • Fictitious Plates/Fail to Transfer Registration
  • Violation w/Distracted Driver Enhancement
  • 2nd or more Child Restraint
  • Third Moving Violation in 12 Months